(CBS) — The cool weather in the past week has some people thinking about fall — and Halloween costumes.

Even though the calendar reads August, not October, at Fantasy Costumes on Milwaukee Avenue near the Six Corners, it is already busy.

“The weekends are pretty intense,” says Manager Cathy Bunger. She says anything Jurassic Park, superheroes and Disney Cinderella is selling.

When it comes to politics, she says the runaway interest is in Donald Trump wigs and masks and Hillary Clinton masks. She’s watching those sales closely, and says political pundits should take note, as well.

“Whatever masks we sell out of generally predict who’s going to win,” she says.

Bunger says she, and Fantasy Costumes, don’t make value judgments when it comes to costumes, but she says the store has no plans to stock two of the more controversial costumes being mass-produced this Halloween season — Caitlyn Jenner or blood-spattered dentist costumes with a head purporting to be Cecil the African Lion.

She said she has received no calls about a Cecil costume. There is interest in Caitlyn Jenner costumes, but Bunger says the store can create something far more interesting than the mass-produced costume and has a wigmaker “who can do just about anything.”

Shipments of Halloween costumes have been arriving for weeks, and continue to arrive on a daily basis. Bunger says those buying in the next few weeks will have the largest selection from which they can choose.