(CBS) The first year of the College Football Playoff was a big hit.

So who’s going to survive the regular season and make the final four this season?

CBS Sports college football studio analyst Rick Neuheisel joined the Mully and Hanley Show on Thursday morning to share his thoughts. While the Big Ten isn’t nearly as deep as other conferences, he believes its top teams will compete with the best and have a shot at the end.

“In terms of the final four, I’ve got two from the Big Ten,” Neuheisel said. “I think both Michigan State and Ohio State make it. I think they do along with TCU and Alabama. But at day’s end, no one has the guys in the trenches like our guy Nick Saban down there in Tuscaloosa. I’m going with the Tide (to win it all).”

Listen to Neuheisel’s full interview below. He also talks about how Jim Harbaugh is “must-see TV” at Michigan.