CHICAGO (STMW) — Cab drivers in Chicago and elsewhere staged a global protest Wednesday against Uber and other ride-sharing companies, demanding they be regulated like taxis.

Hundreds of cabbies picketed outside City Hall, accusing ride-sharing services of killing the taxi industry.

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“The city is screwing everybody, for who? But you’re letting our $5 billion assets go to hell?” one cab driver said.

Tracy Abman, a union organizer with Cab Drivers United, delivered petitions to the mayor’s office, urging the city to increase regulation of ride-sharing companies like Uber.

“A $50 billion corporation is making millions, and getting away without paying a fraction of the costs that taxi service providers pay; undermining good jobs, and replacing them with part-time, pregarious, gig economy jobs that benefit no one but Uber itself,” she said.

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Abman said the city could raise $65 million in new annual revenue by regulating ride-sharing services the same way it regulates taxi companies.

Cab drivers have said, because regulations on ride-sharing companies are much less restrictive, it’s very difficult for cab drivers to compete.

“Around the world, cab drivers are standing up to call for fair and equitable rules,” Abman said. “Countries like France, Germany, Spain, and Brazil are setting the example Chicago should follow; saying play by the rules or take your operation elsewhere.”

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One cab driver said he’s making half what he used to. Others said ride-sharing services have killed the market for taxi medallions.