By Audrina Bigos

(CBS) — There are still no answers and no service after the ground collapsed under the tracks on the CTA’s Yellow Line in Skokie.

But more of your money is being dished out to get to the bottom of why it collapsed in the first place, reports CBS 2’s Audrina Bigos.

After four months, why the embankment collapsed is still a mystery.

To find the answer, CBS 2 has learned $100,000 of taxpayer money is being spent for an emergency investigation.

For now service on the tracks is stalled and the Skokie Swift Dempster Station is empty.

The alternative is buses, and the people on those buses are impatient.

“All summer it’s been twice as long of a commute,” said Nicole Condit.

“Every time they give a deadline, it’s never on time,” said Eric Wheeler.

The CTA suspended service back in May after tons of earth beneath the tracks collapsed.

From above, it doesn’t look like much has been done. But an engineer with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District says crews are working around the clock.

MWRD Director of Engineering Catherine O’Connor says “We are terribly sorry” that riders have been waiting four months.

As for why the embankment collapsed, there are theories, but still no answers.

In new documents obtained by CBS 2, we learned $100,000 is being spent to find out.

“We do not have this type of forensic expertise in house,” O’Connor said. “There is a specialized firm that does that.”

“I think the reason should be found. I don’t know if it should be rewarded with $100,000,” said Carol DePaolo.

CBS 2 has been told the emergency investigation into the collapse should be complete by the end of the year and that Yellow Line service should be back up next month.