CHICAGO (CBS) — An Evanston police officer was facing disciplinary action, after he was caught sleeping in his squad car.

Community activist Carolyn Murray said a concerned citizen took pictures of the officer sleeping in the driver’s seat of a police car, while parked outside the movie theater in downtown Evanston late Saturday night.

Murray said she was upset by what she saw, especially in light of recent shootings and killings in Evanston.

Deputy Police Chief Jay Parrott said the incident is under investigation.

“Anytime, obviously, an officer is committing a violation against policy, it’s not only embarrassing, but very discouraging for the image of the department,” he said.

Evanston Police Cmdr. Joe Dugan said the officer has accepted responsibility, and would face disciplinary action, but the severity of the discipline has not yet been determined.

“We are held to a higher standard, and it is unacceptable, as well as embarrassing. The officer is embarrassed, as are we. The officer is not being [identified]. He is a good officer with no discipline issues. He was on the tail end a double shift when he fell asleep,” Dugan said in an email.

Parrott said the officer was not assigned as part of the department’s beefed up anti-violence efforts that night.