By Brad Edwards

(CBS) — A Palatine couple broke a rule and now must pay a price and lose their friends — friends who provide food, love and more.

CBS 2’s Brad Edwards shows us, those friends are much more than just chickens.

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The chickens belong to Doris Chandler, who got them from a friend after hearing how much she missed having chickens.

She is hobbled by a stroke and limb loss from diabetes and her husband is a two-time cancer survivor and her part-time care-taker.

“A lot trouble for a few chickens, it’d be worth it if I could keep um but I doubt it,” she said.

Her grandchildren named them Cassandra, Cindy and Bell, or as Doris calls them, “pets with benefits.”

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“The eggs from these chickens are one-third cholesterol so I can eat eggs,” she said.

Despite neighbors coming out to support with dozens of vouchers, the Palatine village council voted to remove them. They break the rules and that breaks her.

“These are my babies,” Doris said. “Life is not what happens to you it’s how you bounce back and I’m a good bouncer backer.”

And she will, just not quite yet.

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She’s had multiple offers for the chickens that she’s considering.

Brad Edwards