We live in a time where technology is getting better and cheaper at the same time. It’s exciting to think about the possibilities that the future will bring. Tech products are always hot items to purchase and receive, and there are an abundant amount of tech deals on the market. But for the best of the best, the top three cheap tech products are listed below.

However, it is important to know where to look for the cheap tech deals. Be sure to check out these four excellent sites for tech deals. In no particular order:  Newegg, Frys, Abt, TechBargains and MicroCenter.  This is not a conclusive list, but these are the sites that have a good amount of tech products at great prices. There are also a number of other great sites/companies that do an excellent job of providing tech deals.

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Portable Battery Charger

One of the most important aspects of any tech device is power.  As such, cheap portable battery charger deals can be found at just about every destination on the web.  For example, the bright orange ‘Jackery Giant’ can now be found on the web for around $30.  It has a 10,400mAh capacity and will hold a charge for six months.  It can charge a smartphone and a tablet simultaneously.  According to independent reviews, it was able to charge a smartphone from 10 percent to 95 percent, and the tablet from 45 percent to 95 percent in about 2 ½ hours. It’s a great idea to have one charged up in a car for an emergency.

Wireless Key Finders

Wireless key finders are now mass market and priced very reasonably. There are several options available, but they all do approximately the same thing. Shoppers can find a wireless key finder set with three or four fobs for around $20 on the web. Those who lose their keys often will never again have to say (or hear) the words “have you seen my keys?” The MagicFly Key Finder on Amazon.com is a great choice for a wireless key finder.

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Unlocked Cell Phones

Cell phones have become increasingly more powerful and definitely more expensive. Consumers do have many options when it comes to purchasing a new cell phone. There are a number of manufacturers and retailers that are now offering feature-rich and attractive unlocked cell phones at competitive prices. For those who want to upgrade their phone or need a new phone ( for a broken or lost existing phone), but are not yet eligible for an upgrade from their cellular carrier, then an unlocked cell phone may be the perfect option. Unlocked phones give individuals the flexibility to gift it to anyone without the challenges and hassles of a service plan. Check out the specs, features and screen size of the BLU Unlocked phones on the web; the prices are very reasonable.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The TV enthusiast will certainly enjoy the Amazon Fire TV Stick. At a cost of about $39, this cheap tech deal is well worth the money. For those who watch a lot of movies on Amazon, this will be especially appreciated. The Prime subscribers will be thrilled to know that there is no additional charge for movies that are streamed. Apps are also supported by the Amazon Fire TV Stick, such as Pandora, Netflix, HBOGo just to name a few, plus there are a ton of games that can be supported. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is easy to set up, and the parental controls make it a bonus for those will kids living at home.

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