(CBS) — Not everybody in Chicago is rooting for the Cubs as they go up against the Mets in the NLCS, reports WBBM’s Steve Miller.

The name of the website says it all: Chicagometsfan.com.

“I moved here in June of 2007,” Julie Bronder said. “I grew up pretty much (in) Connecticut/New York … Just was a Mets fans, getting that from my dad growing up. Went to a lot of games at Shea Stadium.”

Bronder, who is the fan of chicagometsfan.com, lives and works in Chicago, but she does get back to New York.

“I had been in New York for the games on Monday and Tuesday against the Dodgers,” she said. “And when I came back into the office on Wednesday, a couple of people gave me a hard time, ‘Oh I can’t wait for the Cubs to face the Dodgers.’ You know, kind of busting my chops in that regard.”

Bronder is 36 years old. She was seven when the Mets won their last World Series in 1986. And of course she’d like to see another one.

“Is it the Cubs’ time? Maybe,” she said.” It could be. But the same could be said for the Mets. Things have also been rough for us.”