(CBS) — Hundreds of thousands of dollars — that’s how much money people have contributed to a fund for the family of Fox Lake Police Lt. Charles “G.I. Joe” Gliniewicz.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker talks with people who feel duped after donating to an assistance fund before it was disclosed Gliniewicz was a bad cop who staged his suicide to appear like murder.

Among the donors was Lake County State’s Attorney Michael Nerheim, who also was in the officer’s funeral procession.

“To see that outpouring of support and then see it shift to what it turned out to be, we’re all disappointed,” Nerheim said.

Before news of the cop’s staged suicide, history of sexual harassment and embezzlement, almost every business in Fox Lake hailed the lieutenant as a hero. Hundreds donated to his family.

Minutes from a board of police commissioners meeting a month after Gleniewicz’s death indicates $126,000 was raised from the sale of T-shirts alone.

Nerheim says the total amount raised was around $500,000.

Other contributors included Village Administrator Ann Marrin, who was allegedly the target of a hit by Gliniewicz after Marrin became suspicious of the officer’s activities. Gliniewicz was stealing money from a police-youth program, authorities say.

Marrin says she donated $100.

Nerheim won’t say how much of the half-million the family received, but he says an investigation will determine if they have to return the money.