(CBS) A Bears win became the $20,000 loss of a FanDuel player, according to a New York attorney general’s filing in state court Tuesday.

New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman, in a motion for preliminary injunction against FanDuel and DraftKings, pointed to a play during the Bears’ 22-19 win over the Chargers on Nov. 9 as evidence for his case that these one-day fantasy sites are gambling and illegal.

“As the game entered its final moments, the Chicago Bears were leading by a tight margin,” Schneiderman wrote in his motion, according to northjersey.com. “In a common strategic move, quarterback Jay Cutler took a knee to run out the clock and assure victory. This play cost the Bears one yard and reduced Cutler’s total fantasy production by one-tenth of one point — and reportedly cost one unlucky FanDuel player $20,000; he had apparently picked Cutler and the one-tenth of a point reduction spelled the difference between winning $50,000 in first place and $30,000 in second place.”

Cutler’s knee was the final “victory formation” play in the Bears’ win, which put them to 3-5 on the season. They are looking to reach 5-5 with a win over the Broncos this Sunday at Soldier Field.

The case between the state of New York and the two major one-day fantasy sites is the first of its kind, one that could possibly spread to other states.

On Monday, FanDuel stopped taking entries from New York residents. DraftKings vowed to continue until told otherwise by the New York courts.