CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s an unusual event: A blood drive combined with a greyhound adoption; all in memory of a 22-year-old Naperville woman who was struck and killed by a car a year ago, along with her dog.

“When I think of Emily, I think of Quincy,” said Emily Driscoll’s father, Tim. Quincy was her 90-plus-pound greyhound.

“They were melded together after they met,” he said. “Every time she entered the room, that dog was just ears up, tail wagging.”

Emily and Quincy were together near their home last November, when they were hit by a car at a Naperville intersection. Both were killed.

Her father said the family home is very close to the intersection where Emily and Quincy were killed.

“It’s always a reminder. It’s a forever,” he said.

On Sunday, Lifesource in Naperville is hosting a blood drive, and the rescue group Greyhounds Only will be there with greyhounds for adoption.

“A blood donation is giving life, and despite the fact that we’ve suffered two losses, we can hopefully save lives,” Tim Driscoll said.

The family filed suit against the driver who hit Emily and Quincy. Tim Driscoll said hearing from authorities that the driver “made a mistake” is tough to swallow.

“That’s a mistake that we’re living with,” he said.

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(Photo supplied by Tim Driscoll)

(Photo supplied by Tim Driscoll)