(CBS) — Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says toys are now safer than ever before so this year, she focused on other dangers at her annual holiday news conference.

“Most of our children have access to internet-accessible technology yet most of us are actually not paying much attention to what they’re doing online,” Madigan said.

She says children younger than ever are using tablets, phones and other electronics that carry potential dangers and you need to monitor what apps your kids are using, and how they’re using them. Madigan says your children need to be able to come to you, if they’re being bullied or sexually harassed online.

“Don’t threaten to take your kid’s phone away,” Madigan said. “Don’t threaten to take the tablet away, in large part because you don’t want to put your kids in the position of not being comfortable coming forward and telling you when something bad has happened.”

Madigan says every week, her office gets calls after there’s been a sexting or bullying scandal. The key, she says, is to prevent it from happening and that involves parents knowing what their kids are doing.

For more information on digital safety, visit www.illinoisattorneygeneral.gov/cyberbullying.

The attorney general also released her list of recalled toys that may still be on store shelves. To view the 2015 Safe Shopping Guide, click here.