By Brad Edwards

(CBS) — The Laquan McDonald shooting is causing outrage, but it’s one of many police shootings.

CBS 2’s Brad Edwards shows us a snapshot of police shootings in Chicago by the numbers.

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The case of Laquan McDonald is now front and center, but only one example.

“I mean Chicago, literally has averaged one police shooting a week,” said Better Government Association investigator Andrew Schroedter. “It’s a lot.”

Better Government Association logo. (Credit: BGA)

Better Government Association logo. (Credit: BGA)

It is the most anywhere. Between 2010 and 2014, Chicago Police shot and killed 70 people, so found the Schroedter.

Which lead to our question to the mayor at Tuesday’s presser.

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“Will you move to reform the wider culture of policing that has led to 300 shootings in five years?” Edwards asked.

McCarthy responded saying, “You’re almost forcing me to give you the data on our police shootings
over the last four years that we’ve been here. They’re down almost 70 percent.”

The police department says that 70 percent drop is down from 2011.

Then there’s the question of justifiability, investigated by the Independent Police Review Authority.

“When we released this story in July of 2015, IPRA had examined 400 shooting fatal and non-fatal,” Schroedter. “At that time they determined that one was unjustified, which is a very small number.”

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That number since bumped up to a few, unjustified, but it’s those numbers and this case that has the marchers out.

Brad Edwards