CHICAGO (CBS) — All along North Michigan Avenue Saturday, shoppers moved easily with lots of bags in hand.

“I’ve walked up and down the avenue,” said John Chikow, of the Magnificent Mile Association. “It seems like a normal Saturday after Thanksgiving.”

A normal, and welcome, Saturday after Friday’s protests shut down much of the Magnificent Mile.

Black Friday was a Bleak Friday for merchants, who were forced to close as demonstrators, angry over the fatal shooting of a Chicago teenager by a Chicago police officer, took over much of the street.

Mike Schluster of Michigan decided to spend his money in the Loop instead of Michigan Avenue.

“It isn’t that we are not in sympathy with what was going on yesterday, it’s just that we felt we needed to be supportive and yet we could support the businesses downtown too.”

Jordan Hastie of Mobile, Ala., said “The rain kept us away. We heard about the protests and tried to stay away from it.”