CHICAGO (CBS) — One thousand Chicago police officers were receiving new bulletproof vests on Monday, as part of an ongoing fundraising effort by the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.

Vests are part of the on-duty uniform, and while the Chicago Police Department gives officers their first one, after that, it’s up to each officer to replace it when needed.

According to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation, about 8,000 officers need new vests.

CPMF project manager John Gordon said many officers don’t follow the suggested five-year replacement guideline.

“A lot of these guys we’ve found, just doing our own research, are sitting on vests that they’ve had since the academy; 15-year-old vests, 20-year-old vests. We took one of these vests down to the range, and shot a few rounds into it, and that third round went through the vest,” he said.

The foundation has been raising money for years to help officers replace old vests at $500 apiece; a cost that otherwise would be borne entirely by the officers.

“They pay $100, we underwrite the balance, and then if they want any upgrades – if they want to step up to a higher level of vest, if they want any additions – that’s all upon the officer,” he said.

Gordon said the foundation is always looking for people and businesses to donate.

“There’s still a lot of people that want to support the police, and they don’t know how to support the police, and here you go; here’s a great opportunity,” he said.

Gordon said the recent anti-police protests in the wake of the Laquan McDonald shooting have highlighted the need for more protective gear.

“It just makes this program all that more important when you see such high levels of anti-police sentiment,” he said. “If you want to support your Chicago police officers, and you don’t know how to do it, go to our website, and make a donation.”

The foundation’s website is