(CBS) — Chicago city officials are worried about a growing trend that they say could undo the progress they’ve made in reducing tobacco use.

“There’s a lot that’s unknown about the safety of these products.” Chicago Health Commissioner Dr. Julie Morita said of e-cigarettes and other vaping products. “A vaping product, or an e-cigarette has an electronic heating element that vaporizes liquid so there’s no actual burning that occurs. It’s just an aerosolization or a vaporizer that creates an aerosol that people inhale.”

Morita said vaping products do contain nicotine, and other potentially harmful chemicals, and she’s worried they could be a gateway to other tobacco products.

“They also have flavors that are attractive to young people so we really have concerns that they’re being marketed in a way that really tries to get young people to take on the habit which then leads to regular tobacco use,” she said.

The Chicago Public Health Department is launching an awareness campaign about the possible dangers of vaping, in an effort to prevent youth from taking up the habit. You can find out more by clicking here.