By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — In the early 1970s, Tony Esposito was a three-time Vezina Trophy winner, given to the best goalie in the National Hockey League.

He also once gave up a goal to Grover.

In fairness, Bert should have been given a penalty for interference, but video evidence from this 1970s film clearly shows the Sesame Street character sliding a backhand shot past the Blackhawks legendary Hall of Fame net minder.

Big Bird, by the way, was the Sesame Street gang’s enforcer, while Cookie Monster, of course, was the team’s goalie.

The video was posted this summer on YouTube by the Chicago Film Archives and apparently was shot in an empty stadium around 1970, possibly as part of a Sesame Street promotion.

The footage was found in Chicago Film Archives’ Frank Koza Collection.