(CBS) — Looking for a place to have dinner tonight? What about in a stranger’s home? WBBM’s Nancy Harty reports on a new website that matches guests and hosts who love food and conversation.

It’s like the dining equivalent of Airbnb. Hosts in 450 cities around the world post pictures of meals they are creating, plus the time, date and cost and guests sign up.

Mealsharing.com is the brainchild of Jay Savsani, who lives in the South Loop, who thought of gathering strangers around a dinner table while backpacking in Cambodia.

“It’s a very universal meeting ground or the original social network if you will,” Savsani said.

He says there are a wide array of meals and sometimes a professional chef doing the serving.

“We have people that do six course, elaborate meals to somebody who does a simple meal,” he said.

Savsani says friendships have been made over breaking bread, like the folks who helped a host move into a new home after a flood.