CHICAGO (CBS) — A South Side teen chased down two burglars last week after they broke into his aunt’s home, and he did it in flip flops.

Last Thursday, 19-year-old Joseph Bossard was talking to his mom at her workplace in a park in the Canaryville neighborhood, just down the street from where his aunt lives in the 4200 block of South Wallace Street. He said his mom got a call from a neighbor, saying his aunt’s house was being burglarized.

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“So right away, she looked at me, and I could tell just by looking at her face something was going on,” he said.

Bossard sprinted over in his flip flops, and police already were there, but they couldn’t get in the front door, so he took them around back. When he walked back to the front yard, he saw one of the burglars getting away.

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He managed to run the man down and grabbed him. As he was holding the man down so police could arrest him, he saw another running down Wallace Street. Bossard took off again, chasing the second suspect into an alley, where a police officer caught up, gun drawn, and arrested the second burglar.

Bossard said he never stopped to think about whether the burglars had weapons.

“Honestly, that was one thing that didn’t come to mind. I just heard, you know, my aunt’s house is getting robbed, so that wasn’t even in my thought. You know, I just kind of just ran over there,” he said.

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Bossard said police also arrested a third person for the burglary attempt.