(CBS) — About 60 people, representing a variety of causes, marched through the South Side Woodlawn and Englewood neighborhoods Saturday.

The crowd gathered at 63rd Street and King Drive before marching for a brief rally. One marcher told the crowd that it’s time to be our brother’s keeper, not his executioner. Another said he wants streets safe enough so that his children can walk freely anywhere.

Fighting off a cold, Father Michael Pfleger prayed for peace as he prepared to march.

“We want people to know their lives are not in vain,” he said. “We stand for them when they can’t stand anymore. We shout for them when we can’t shout anymore. We want this city to know we’re not going to tolerate the losing of our lives.”

Pfleger said discontent should be turned into votes and said that primary day, March 15, is “empowerment day.”