(CBS) — It has been 10 days since 25-year-old Aaren O’Connor was killed by a stray bullet as she sat in her car in the city’s Heart of Chicago neighborhood and now police are looking at some graffiti as a possible clue in the case.

The writing on the side of the home in Pilsen says: “Aaren O’Connor’s killers,” and there’s an arrow pointing up.

“Detectives are aware of the graffiti on the building in Pilsen,” said Chicago Police spokesman Frank Giancamilli. “They are aware of it. They’re taking all information that they’re getting right now in this case into consideration.”

Giancamilli says police are still asking for people to come forward if they know anything about the Aaren O’Connor case.

Police say O’Connor was shot and fatally wounded by a stray bullet as she sat in her car on the evening of February 5 talking on the phone with her family in California.