Soak in the spring-like temperatures while you can, Chicago, winter will return. And when temperatures do dip back into the 30s, it will be nice to have a reminder that winter ain’t all bad.

In fact, it can be downright pretty.

In a recent video recorded with two drones, Chicago’s winter beauty is plain to see.

Capturing what the creator calls Chicago’s “arctic beauty,” the video gleefully shows off the city’s view of ice-covered Lake Michigan, the pure-white snow covering Chicago’s parks and the steam rising out of classic Chicago buildings, like the 123-year-old Congress Plaza Hotel.

Videos like this are ubiquitous, yes, but this video, created by Troy Walsh, does a great job of displaying the strengths of Chicago, from its eclectic architecture to its enduring nature.

Watch below.

City In Motion from Drone Media Chicago on Vimeo.