CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s a judge versus the city of Chicago when it comes to red light cameras. At issue, whether you have to keep paying those pesky tickets.

Dave Thomas says he was ticketed, but it never made it to his mailbox.

“I’ve got $1,500 in unpaid speeding tickets,” Thomas said.

Like many, he says he never had the chance to contest the citations until each doubled.

That’s one of a handful of reasons a judge’s ruling could drive ticket refunds back into motorists wallets.

“This is just another example of bad public policy and bad fiscal policy,” said Alderman Leslie Hairston.

Alderman Hairston is urging the city not to waste more tax dollars fighting the decision.

She suggests until there’s more clarity from the courts if you get a ticket, “go ahead and pay it knowing that maybe you might get a refund.”

Thomas says he doesn’t expect a refund, “although that would be nice.”

The alderman says $600 million is in limbo, stuck between red light cameras and the ongoing court case. Another hearing in the suit is set for next month.