CHICAGO (CBS) — An enterprising woman has found a new way to “Feel The Bern” for Bernie Sanders.

Ariel Zimman of Portland, Oregon, designed handmade ceramic marijuana pipes and is selling them for $60 through a company called Stonedware.

Stonedware says a portion of the sales will be donated to the Sanders campaign. The pipes come in two sizes.

The company also sells chillums for $30.

“Cast your vote for Bernie with these handmade porcelain pipes,” according to a note on the company’s website, adding that officially “these pipes are intended for tobacco use only.”

Sanders will be in town on Thursday evening for a forum at the University of Chicago and a rally at Chicago State University.

Among the topics, according to a press advisory: “Getting big money out of politics.”

(Credit: Stonedware)

(Credit: Stonedware)

Efforts like Zimman’s might be one way to do that.

Some legal experts, however, say such initiatives could be on shaky legal footing.

Attorneys say entrepreneurs may get into trouble by using candidates’ names or logos for commercial purposes.

“If I was advising one of these vendors, I would probably advise them to be a little less specific in their solicitation,” Larry Noble, a former top lawyer for the Federal Election Commission who now works at the Campaign Legal Center, told the Center For Public Integrity.

Other experts added that it would be unlikely for a candidate to take any legal action.