CHICAGO (CBS) — State regulators have opened an investigation of Lincoln Towing to determine if the company should be allowed to continue operating after multiple complaints about illegal towing and other improper practices.

The Illinois Commerce Commission has launched the investigation even after renewing the company’s license last summer.

Since then, the ICC has received 166 complaints; 28 resulted in Lincoln Towing being cited for violations, 15 were closed due to lack of jurisdiction, 32 were closed with no finding of violation, 7 were closed after the company resolved the problem with the motorist, and 92 others remained under investigation.

Complaints included overcharging drivers, towing properly parked vehicles, and improper invoicing.

“This investigation will examine the company’s management and conduct, and whether it is in fact fit to hold a license to operate in Illinois,” said ICC Commissioner Miguel del Valle.

In May 2014, Evanston resident Anne Scott was so determined to stop a Lincoln Towing driver from illegally hauling away her car from in front of her home, she jumped on the back of her SUV while it was being towed away.

It started when neighbors saw her car being towed from a legal spot at her Dobson Avenue home, and she started yelling at the tow truck crew to stop. She also called police when they continued towing her car, and it lodged on a cement parking stop. The crew spent 10 minutes trying to break into her car until she confronted them.

It wasn’t until police arrived that the crew called a dispatcher to find out if there was a mistake, and learned the tow was for a different make and color of car at an address up the street.