(CBS) — A bill that would shut down red light and speed cameras statewide has been buried in an Illinois House committee for the past six weeks, and its author would like to see a vote on it before the March 15 primary.

The bill has a dozen sponsors, seven of whom are Democrats and five are Republicans. Among them is Illinois House Assistant Majority Leader Art Turner (D-Chicago). But its author is State Rep. Ken Dunkin (D-Chicago), who has been at war for months with House Speaker Michael Madigan and faces a Madigan-backed challenger, Juliana Stratton, in next month’s Democratic primary.

So far, Madigan has shown no inclination to do Dunkin a favor and call the bill, but Dunkin told about 30 supporters Friday night that he is not giving up.

“Let the bill go,” he said. “Let the bill out of committee. Let it hit the House floor for votes up or down.”

Dunkin also would like Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a strong supporter of the cameras who has said he believes they make Chicago streets safer, to stop camera enforcement until a vote is taken.