(CBS) — Each year more than 4,000 people climb to the top of John Hancock Center to raise funds for lung disease research, advocacy and education. More than 55 percent of our participants indicated they or someone they know has been touched by a form of lung disease.

The Hustle Up the Hancock is the largest fundraising event for Respiratory Health Association. The event raises more than $1.1 million to promote healthy lungs and fight lung disease.

Rohid Jawani says he’s taking part in the event because the company he works for had a group getting involved. Jawani says he’s pumped and excited to hit the stairs, but he’s also a bit cautious since he didn’t really prepare much beforehand.

Meantime, seven-year-old Bishal Shandari did the stair climb with a few others from his soccer team.

Shandari and his teammates participated in the half climb, which is about 52 floors instead of the longer 94 floors.

Volunteers were on hand at various parts of the stairwell to offer the stair climbers water.

Shandari says he enjoyed the climb so much he’s ready to go again.