By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) –Upon waking up after Super Tuesday, folks got online and looked into moving to Canada.

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At least that’s a fair assumption, judging from this Google Trends chart. (Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton scored widespread victories, thus solidifying their status as the front-runners for their respective party nominations.)

And the trend was particularly strong in Illinois.

A Google data analyst noticed the trend Tuesday night.

So, I  looked into it.

Filled out an online questionnaire 

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Got rejected.


First, there is a language (English or French) test requirement.  Initially, when I filled out the survey, I said that I had not taken the test, and I was immediately told that I wasn’t eligible.

Just for fun, I took the survey again. This time I lied, and entered in some language test results. That led me to a series of questions about my work and family background.

I was rejected, again.

I should point out that I was rejected for “Express Entry”  to live there permanently.  There are a variety of other options.

But simply move to Canada?

It’s not so easy.

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A colleague suggested I seek a referral from Ted Cruz.