(CBS) Second-year Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh’s penchant for getting into beefs with the big boys of college football and speaking his mind has been one of the sport’s more entertaining subplots of the past year.

It was just six weeks ago that Harbaugh sent the SEC into a tizzy and got in a war of words following the revelation that the Wolverines would hold some practices in Florida on their spring break. On Tuesday, Harbaugh took a dig at his team’s traditional rival, the Ohio State Buckeyes, after a one-liner directed at his program.

After Ohio State athletic direction Gene Smith chimed that, “If we were jump starting our program, I’d probably try to do that too” in regards to Michigan’s spring practices in Florida, Harbaugh fired back in a tweet, referencing the 2010 Buckeyes having to vacate all of their wins because of a tattoo scandal and ensuing cover-up.