By Jim Williams

(CBS) — In the wildly competitive world of business everyone is looking for an edge. Or, in this case, a square.

In Indiana, it is the battle over square doughnuts.

In one corner, based in Terre Haute, is Square Donuts.

They’ve been making them for nearly 50 years and have a trademark.

It wants Family Express in northwest Indiana, which started selling its “square donuts” 11 years ago, to round them out.

CBS 2 Legal Analyst Irv Miller – a former employee of Dunkin Donuts — says there’s a lot at stake.

“If you invent something you want your invention protected,” he says.

Family Express insists the label ‘”square donuts” is too generic to trademark. So the battle goes on.

CBS 2 reached out to both businesses, but neither responded. The issue will have to be squared away in a courtroom.