Wendy Widom

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago-area mom claims the staff at Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) turned her away when she arrived for a visit today with her three young children.

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As she has in the past, Alexandra Eidenberg, mother of twin toddlers and a one year old, brought a wagon to cart around her children during the visit.

Shortly after arriving, Eidenberg says museum security informed her that MSI does not allow wagons or strollers carrying more than two children at a time.

As a solution, Eidenberg says the museum offered a large adult wheelchair for her family to use. She declined, citing safety concerns.

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According to Eidenberg, she asked for the museum to refund her membership. She says they declined, saying she has used the membership before.

On Facebook, Chicago mom Nubia U. voiced support for Eidenberg, “I am very disappointed that the MSI could not offer a refund at the least to this mother. I am also disappointed that she was shamed into thinking it was her own fault.”

Another mom, Julia B., added her thoughts, “How could a kid oriented museum not allow for the use of multi-child strollers and or wagons. It is a mode of transportation and often the only way a family can attend the museum successfully.”

A spokeswoman for MSI, Renee Mailhiot, states the museum does not allow wagons. “This has been our policy for years,” she says, adding that the policy is listed on the museum’s website and map.

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Mailhiot says the museum offered Eidenberg a single stroller. Eidenberg declined.