By Dorothy Tucker

(CBS) — There’s a new option in Illinois for children who suffer from epilepsy.

A special marijuana oil is now available.

It’s a treatment that some kids rely on, CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports.

At the age of 10, Sophie Weiss is still learning the basics because she has hundreds of small but powerful epileptic seizures every day.

To reduce the seizures, her mother, Lisa Weiss, has been ordering liquid marijuana from Colorado. Sophie needs a few drops every day of the compound, which is deemed safe for children.

But, “There’s a huge turnaround time,” the parent says. “If I run out on a Friday and I place my order on a Friday, I may not get it for a week.”

Weiss has been living with the fear of running out for nine months, but that fear is about to end.

The medical marijuana dispensary in Mundelein is finally selling liquid marijuana for epilepsy patients.

“We’re getting an adequate supply. We’re getting a shipments not just from one cultivator but two or three cultivators,” says Kalee Houghkirk of the Clinic Mundelein.

The dispensary is 20 minutes from Weiss’s home. For mom Lisa, she says that gives her freedom from the fear of running out.

Dorothy Tucker