By Dave Savini

CHICAGO (CBS) — A one-year-old girl was shot in the neck Friday night sitting in the back of a relative’s car.

Now Khloe’s family is calling for justice and peace with a rally Saturday.

CBS 2’s Dave Savini reports members of the community and anti-violence activists gathered at the intersection where the child was shot, with the bullet missing her head and throat by inches. The bullet pierced the trunk as the car was traveling in the intersection of Long and Le Moyne.

“This young baby, one year’s old, should have never had to experience anything like this,” said Albert Person. “None of our children should have to experience anything like this. It’s like a war zone out here.”

Witness say shots came from a silver vehicle. Residents say two gangs in the Austin neighborhood are at war, and shootings and guns are common on their streets.

Saturday, activists prayed and marched.

“I want my kids and other people’s kids to come outside to be able to play,” said Ashake Banks. “You all got to put these guns down.”

Ahshake banks says in 2012 just three blocks from the incident her seven-year-old was also shot outside a lemonade stand she set up.

“My baby got shot in the back and she died in my arms,” Banks said.

Tio Hardiman of Violence Interrupters says families know who the bad guys are and they need to outcast them from their homes.

“If the families would step up and say ‘Look here, you are not going to be part of my family if you continue to shoot people in this community,’” Hardiman said. “Ban them from the family reunion. Ban them from the family gatherings and then you may see a little bit of a change.”

Khloe is being treated at Stroger Hospital for the neck wound. Her family is also from the West Side and are with her as she recovers. She is stable and eating cookies according to her family and friends on social media.

There are several police cameras near the streets where the shooting occurred. There is no word yet on any suspects.