CHICAGO (CBS) — A group of ministers and others came to City Hall, calling for more than a dozen reforms in the wake of the Police Accountability Tax Force reports issued last week, reports WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore.

There news conference was at first upstaged by a man in a Code Blue T-shirt carrying a sign demanding support for police officers, but Rev. Ira Acree with Coalition for a New Chicago shrugged it off.

“Certainly, we respect the hard work and the due diligence that many police officers put in every day,” Acree said. “Obviously, he must be at the wrong press conference because we are pro police.”

The group is asking for things like the decertification of police officers, mental health care for stressed cops.
Coalition director Matt Harrington joined the call for dismantling the Independence Police Review Authority.

“This group is a cross between Pinocchio and Daffy Duck,” Harrington said. “Their noses are growing about the lies of the reports and as quacky as a duck when they’re just misinforming and ducking every real question.”

They want a civilian review board and a chance to talk to the mayor about all of their recommendations.