(CBS) — After being attacked outside his Ward office Thursday evening, Alderman Walter Burnett Jr. says the city of Chicago needs to do more to help the mentally ill.

WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore has the latest from City Hall.

The 27th Ward alderman was sucker-punched by a stranger Thursday outside his office, hours after the man had approached him and made threatening comments to him.

Burnett, who’s going to be fine, says the incident gives him pause to think about the resources allocated to help mentally ill people.

He says he’s having second thoughts about Emanuel Administration budget cuts he supported four years ago that closed half the city’s mental health clinics.

“I’m a little perturbed with myself,” Burnett tells Dellimore. “There’s just not enough funding for mentally ill people in our city, and we see so many of them all the time.”

The mayoral ally also says aldermen and their staff should have training in dealing with the mentally ill.

Police on Friday said Rafheal Taylor, 30, had been charged with aggravated battery of a government employee, in connection with the attack on Ald. Burnett.


Rafheal Taylor (Chicago Police Department)

Rafheal Taylor (Chicago Police Department)