(CBS) — Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton is already looking forward to next Tuesday’s primary in Indiana.

On Tuesday, she appeared at the Munster Steel Plant in Hammond Indiana.

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She took a tour of the plant, where she learned of its contribution to the nation’s infrastructure.

Then in her speech, she played to her Indiana base: the union members and their leaders. Clinton addressed the problems workers, both union and non-union, seem to be facing across the board.

“It’s now our challenge to figure out how we are going to keep those jobs, grow those jobs, support those businesses, support those workers, support those unions so that we can have a renaissance in manufacturing,” she said.

Again, Clinton played her strongest card.

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“It’s not enough just to diagnose the problem,” she said. “We all know we’re losing jobs. We all know that we are facing unfair competition. We all know that we’ve got forces in our own country who seem determined to undermine manufacturing for reasons that I find just absolutely absurd.”

In her second stop, Clinton spoke directly to workers at the AM General Military Assembly Plant.

With the overwhelmingly red state’s primary a week away, Clinton may be trying to lock up Indiana’s 92 delegates. Delegates that could give her the 2,383 needed to lock in the Democratic presidential nomination at this summer’s Pennsylvania convention.

Despite some wins Tuesday night, Senator Bernie Sanders is still about 800 delegates behind Clinton and said to be reassessing his campaign after the night.

Even if Sanders were to win Indiana in a week, it wouldn’t really close the current Democratic delegate gap. But Clinton’s appearance in Indiana indicates she doesn’t want to take any chances.

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Sanders spent part of his day meeting voters in Philadelphia. He says he plans to stay in the race until the convention returns to Philly in the summer.