(CBS) Upon review, the final 13.5 seconds of the Thunder’s 98-97 win against the Spurs on Monday night were just as chaotic as they seemed.

In its last two minutes report that issues public reviews of calls in games within five points in the final two minutes, the NBA ruled there were five missed calls on the last possession of a Game 2 that brought the Western Conference semifinal series to a 1-1 draw.

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Thunder guard Dion Waiters took the ball out on the sidelines with 13.5 seconds left, with Spurs guard Manu Ginobili defending. Here are the five no-calls that should’ve been whistled during a sequence that featured a Thunder turnover and a missed 3-pointer by the Spurs that would’ve given them a late lead.

— Ginobili should’ve been whistled for a delay of game while defending Waiters on the inbound because he stepped on the sideline. That would’ve resulted in a technical foul shot for the Thunder.

— Waiters should’ve been called for an offensive foul when he leaned forward to cross the boundary and elbowed Ginobili before his inbounds pass.

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— Spurs guard Patty Mills should’ve been called for a personal foul for holding Thunder big man Steven Adams on the inbound.

— Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard should’ve been called for a personal foul for grabbing the jersey of Thunder guard Russell Westbrook on the inbound.

— Thunder forward Serge Ibaka should’ve been called for a personal foul for grabbing and holding Spurs big man LaMarcus Aldridge with 2.6 seconds left after Aldridge corralled an offensive rebound and went up for a shot attempt for the lead.

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Notably, the NBA also ruled it was permissible for Waiters to jump on his inbound pass because he didn’t move laterally, and their “leaving the playing surface” language appears to mean going into the stands, not leaving the actual floor. And lastly, the NBA ruled that San Antonio’s Danny Green didn’t foul Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant on Waiters’ looping inbounds pass that ended up a turnover.