By Brad Edwards

(CBS) — Imagine seeing your car towed away – with two of your kids in it.

CBS 2’s Brad Edwards has this follow up report about an errant tow and talks with one of the children inside the vehicle.

“I was feeling like I would never see my dad and mom again,” Anthony Cuevas says.

Anthony was in his parent’s Camaro, with his little sister, when a tow truck driver hauled the vehicle from a handicapped parking space last weekend.

The quick-thinking Anthony called his mom. His mom called 9-1-1. Police suggested Anthony honk the horn, to get the tow truck driver’s attention. He did, but the driver didn’t stop and took the vehicle to the company’s Bridgeport tow yard.

The family says the children’s father tried to chase the tow truck on foot and screaming.

“This is a prime example of rogue towing, which the city of Chicago is working to end. As a parent I can’t imagine the extreme panic and fear this mother went through,” Maria Guerra Lapacek, the city’s Commissioner of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection, said in a prepared statement.

The towing company, Rendered Towing Inc., tells CBS 2 the incident was an honest mistake: The Camaro windows were unusually darkly tinted, and the car was parked illegally.

Family members say they were only going to be there for a few minutes.

The truck driver was cited for towing a vehicle with people inside. The city and Chicago Police Department continue to investigate.

Brad Edwards