CHICAGO (CBS) — Officials at the University of Chicago were going before a state review board on Tuesday, seeking approval of their plan to add an adult trauma center and more patient beds to their medical center campus in Hyde Park.

The initial proposal called for three things: a level one adult trauma center, relocating and expanding the current emergency room, and creating a new cancer treatment center.

A report from staff at the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board backed most of the university’s plan for an adult trauma center, but said the medical center is asking to add too many beds and emergency room stations.

The report said project costs for the $269 million plan are too high by about $18 million.

The report suggested the university add five more medical and surgical beds, rather than the 168 it is seeking; and add 15 new intensive care beds, rather than the 20 it has proposed. The report also suggested the hospital currently needs only 28 emergency stations, not the 36 it actually has; and should be asking for only 10 new ones, not five, as part of its trauma center plan.

The board’s job is to ensure hospital services are not duplicated in a particular area.

University of Chicago officials have disputed the report’s findings that the expansion plan is too extensive. It has said the current emergency room often is overloaded, leaving patients waiting hours to get beds.

The university has said when it cannot admit people out of the emergency room, it backs up other patients, and threatens the hospital’s ability to provide good care.

The board itself has the authority to approve the hospital’s plan at Tuesday’s hearing, despite its staff’s concerns.