CHICAGO (CBS) — There was a musical world premiere Wednesday night in the southwest suburbs, and the composer was an 8th grader.

At the Homer Junior High School spring concert in Homer Glen, the school’s symphonic band performed 14-year-old Kenny Kriha’s “Variations on the Variant of a March.”

The young composer received a standing ovation when it was over.

“It’s pretty amazing for an 8th grader,” said Homer Junior High School band director Jason Thompson.

“He’s always giving suggestions for songs that we’ve been playing – sometimes funny, sometimes just kind of outrageous – and one day, I was just like, ‘Kenny, just write your own song.’”

Kriha did just that. He wrote the music for all the instruments in the band for the concert – from the woodwinds to the brass section to the percussion.

“You have to work from the bottom up. So you start with the lowest, and you make your way up to the highest to make sure all the chords agree when you’re writing,” Kriha said.

Afterwards, Kriha was proud of what he’d done.

“I think it turned out pretty good. I think it was a quality world premiere, and I’m very happy with how it turned out,” he said.

Kriha plays alto sax, tenor drums, and bassoon. Next year, he intends to be in the band at Lockport Township High School.

Thompson said Kriha is “going to learn them all. He can’t stop, which is wonderful.”

Kriha said he’d one day like to direct a high school band. No matter what, he wants to “keep music flowing throughout my life.”