(CBS) — There’s a new name on the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted” list, and he’s being sought for a vicious Chicago murder that took place seven years ago.

It’s a case so important the head of the FBI came to Chicago to talk about it, CBS 2’s Derrick Blakley reports.

James Comey said while some may have forgotten the underlying crime – the brutal murder of a teenager — law enforcement has not.

Chicago native Luis Macedo is a violent gang member who’s been on the run for seven years, authorities say.

“The most important thing we’re doing is trying to shine a very bright, very hot spotlight on Macedo,” Comey said Thursday.

Macedo is wanted for the 2009 murder of Alex Arellano, a 15-year-old with a learning disability, first bullied by gang members, then killed.

In May 2009, witnesses say Latin Kings pulled up in a car and beat Alex with bats, knocked him down and beat him again. They shot and then burned the teen in the 30000 block of 54th Place.

“Luis Macedo is identified as one of the offenders who took part in Arellano’s murder and is believed to be the leader of the attack,” Michael Anderson of the FBI said.

The feds believe Macedo fled the area, and maybe the county. There is a $100,000 reward offered for his capture.

It’s believed Macedo could be in the Southeast United States or Mexico. Four other participants in the murder of Alex Arellano were charged and convicted.