By Jim Williams

CHICAGO (CBS) — President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed June 14th, Flag Day, 100 years ago.

As CBS 2 Jim Williams reports, another centennial celebration is underway at a flag company on Chicago’s South Side.

Carl Gus Porter III, the CEO of the WGN Flag and Decorating Co. is also marking 100 years in the flag-making business.

“I stand here honored to be part of this illustrious history,” said Porter. “Four generations in my family.”

WGN stands for William George Newbould, Gus’ great-grandfather, the company founder.

Porter sais Newbould bought a flag from a street vendor, took in down the street and somebody offered twice the price to but it.

Thus an idea was born.

An idea that’s only grown: From banners celebrating the Bulls and Blackhawks championships and even bunting when Mayors Harold Washington and Richard J Daley died.

They were all created here, at 79th and South Chicago.

Gus Porter says displays of patriotism vary from year to year.

“There are years when it’s very popular and in the in-thing to fly a flag. Then you have years when people don’t seem to care as much.”

But through it all, the WGN Flag and Decorating Company, today honored with its own street sign, keeps the sewing machines humming.