By Bryan Altman–

(CBS Local) When Steph Curry shows up anywhere these days, it’s a pretty big deal. So when the reigning two-time MVP made a surprise appearance at his weekend basketball camp in Hawaii this past weekend, the kids attending the camp obviously lost their collective minds at the sight of him.

In fact, one youngster actually clutched his chest and dropped to the floor — mockingly, thankfully — after opening the door to find Curry standing outside in the hallway.

After Curry graciously helped him up and greeted him and his friends, it was time for him to hit the hardwood.

And when he got there, he showed absolutely no mercy.

Curry went one-on-one with one of the young campers and absolutely schooled him.

Credit to the kid for trying to hang with arguably the best player in the world right now, but Curry turn-styled him for the easy bucket.

So lesson No. 1 at Curry’s basketball camp: Expect the unexpected and don’t get mad when Steph schools you in front of all your friends just like he does 82-plus times a year for a living during basketball season.