(CBS) – So, how does a week of viewing one violent tragedy after another affect the public’s mental health?

CBS 2’s Sandra Torres reports.

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Within days, we’ve all been exposed to three different tragic events, from the police-involved shootings in Baton Rouge, La. and Falcon Heights, Minn. to the massive shooting of police officers in Dallas.

It’s a rage that’s been building, according to Dr. Arthur Lurigio of Loyola University.

“It’s been an accumulation of cases starting in Ferguson,” he says, referring to a white officer’s fatal shooting of a black teen. “It’s not only the continued viewing in real-time of the police shootings, but it’s exchanges on Facebook and on Twitter that continue to fuel the rage.”

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Lurigio says the trauma experienced after these events can be troublesome.

“Seeing another person shot up close in a highly charged interaction with the police, that gets peoples’ heart pumping,” he says.

He says people need to take time to process emotions.

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