(CBS) — The political website Slate is teaming up with Chicago’s Second City for a new show that satirizes this year’s presidential nominees.

As CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole reports, the campaigns are providing plenty of material.

For all their differences Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have something in common: their unpopularity with large numbers of voters. That’s not lost on the journalists and commentators at the web magazine Slate.

But before you say that’s almost too sad to be funny, in come the master improvisers of the Second City.

“Our job as satirists is to reflect back on society what we see and then exaggerate it for comedic purposes,” director Matt Hovde says.

The result, based on the presidential campaigns, is “Unelectable You,” a show where second city’s writers and performers picked the brains of Slate’s journalists.

Each  night, as the campaign plays out, Slate correspondents will appear on stage or by Skype with a recap of the day’s events.

Slate has an edgy take on political, and though journalism and improv may seem an odd combination at first, the collaboration proves it’s not.

Research began last summer, and Slate editors admit they originally told the comedy troop Donald Trump would most likely not still be campaigning in summer 2016.

“Unelectable You” plays at the Up Comedy Club through Aug. 28, and then goes on a nationwide fall tour, including a stop at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.