CHICAGO (CBS) — At the University of Illinois, there have been two sexual assaults in just six days. School started yesterday, but the first incident happened Wednesday.

Campus police say the victim was assaulted at an apartment and knew the attacker.  

Just two days later, there was another case, allegedly at a fraternity house.

University of Illinois officials are required by law to disclose the information.

Today, Illinois State’s Attorney Lisa Madigan reminded students about that very law that went into effect this month.

Universities and colleges must inform members of the campus about certain crimes. Students must be allowed to report an incident electronically and anonymously if they choose. And the college or university must respond to electronic reports within 12 hours, and provide a confidential adviser.

Statistically, one in five women on a college or university campus will be sexually assaulted. Most of those cases go unsolved or the attacker goes unpunished.

Now, there’s a documentary about campus assault and its changing minds, and laws.

It’s called “The Hunting Ground,” and Tuesday night, there was a screening with one of the survivors, Carolyn Lubie. CBS2 Chicago co-hosted the event with partner “Chicago Says No More.”

“This is a national problem.” Lubie says.

The Hunting Ground takes a piercing look at the growing problem of sexual assault on campus, and what some believe to be a cover-up by college and university campuses.

“They protect perpetrators because they have a financial incentive to do so,” a movie cast member says.

Tonight, the critically-acclamed film served as the backdrop to continue the conversation locally about rapes on campus. One woman featured in the film says she felt compelled to be at the event and answer questions.

“It’s not always easy to talk about this but I felt like I had a responsibility to speak out,” said Annie Clark, a rape survivor and activist. She was assaulted as a student at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. But she’s turned her tragedy into a mission to help others.

She says Illinois’ new law is designed to protect survivors of sexual assault, and she believes the confidential advisor requirement is key.

“What we know from research is that first person a survivor chooses to go through can really impact them, not only psychologically, but also their choice to go through the process.

She’s also the co-sponsor of the organization In much more likely to…a really great first step,” she added.