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(CBS) Hello beer buddies. I hope all is well. Keep sending me beer suggestions and your stories and pictures of your beer adventures.

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Here are three more beers for you to try. The first two come as a suggestion via my pal, Jason Ferrari.

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As a reminder, here are the criteria that go into the review.

Capital Brewery’s Island Wheat — $$


This is an American Pale Wheat Ale and has a 4.2% ABV. You guys know my love for wheat beers, and Capital’s wheat ale is delicious and everything a wheat beer should be.

It has a clear golden body with a small white head and medium carbonation. It has a sweet wheat and yeasty aroma. It’s very mild with a light mouthfeel. It’s a very drinkable beer, very tasty. I could drink one after another on a hot summer day.

Overall score: 8

Capital Brewery’s Wisconsin Amber American Lager — $$


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This amber lager has a 5.2% ABV. It has a clear amber color with medium carbonation and a small white head that dissipates quickly. There’s minimal lacing and sweet mild malty notes in the aroma.

It’s slightly malty with caramel notes and is smooth and crisp. There’s a minimal mouthfeel and a mild malty aftertaste. This is a tasty lager.

Overall score: 7

Monk’s Cafe Flemish Sour Ale — $$


This unique sour ale has a 5.5% ABV and pours with a dark opaque body — reddish-brown in color. It has a big off-white almost-light tan head with medium carbonation.

The aroma is slightly sweet but tart. There’s mouth-watering tartness to it. It starts mildly sweet with a medium mouthfeel with malty notes but quickly turns sour with a sourness that tingles the jawline.

This is a sour ale unlike any other sour beer I have had before. Give it try. I found this bottle at Mariano’s in the non-refrigerated beer aisle.

Overall score: 7

Let me know what you think and keep sending me beer suggestions. Next month, I will plan a trip to a local brewer — send some ideas and I’ll get the details out there for everyone.

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