CHICAGO (CBS) — Former Chicago Police Commander, Glen Evans spoke publicly on Thursday for the first time about his lawsuit against the city.

Evans broke his silence about IPRA investigation and claims police officials tried to force him to resign, WBBM’s Mike Krauser reports.

Evans was accused of misconduct for putting his service revolver in the mouth of a suspect. Evans is back on the job, but was demoted to Lieutenant after being acquitted of charges.

Glen Evan’s lawyer, Victor Henderson also presented details on the efforts to frame the officer after he was cleared.

Henderson said before Evans was indicted, investigators with IPRA never talked to Evans or witnesses.

“You know how political Chicago is,” Henderson said.

Henderson orchestrated a bit of a show, inviting people who support the former commander to St. Columbanus Church, on the South Side, to talk to the press.

The crowd chanted, “bring him back.”

Community members attended to share stories on how ex-commander Evans helped reduce crime and violence in their neighborhood.

Commander Evans was community policing before community policing was cool, a community member said.

Another said, “We stand with Glen Evans. We are upset with the injustices that he’s had to face.”

Evans, himself, made a statement, but took no questions.

“I was forced to initiate legal action,” Evans said. “I cannot and will not allow them or anybody else to falsely and or maliciously malign my character by portraying me as one that engages in willful or wonton misconduct.”

It was pointed out that in his 30-year career, Evans has had more than 120 misconduct complaints to which his lawyer pointed to the supporters behind him.