CHICAGO (CBS) — Local Democrats are rallying in support of Hillary Clinton, but she’s still being criticized for not coming clean from the start about her true pneumonia diagnosis.

CBS 2 Political Reporter Derrick Blakley reports, as local politicians gathered to kick off a voter registration campaign — with Trump Tower looming in the background–Democrats lauded Hillary Clinton for refusing to sit out even though she was sick.

“I think it should show she’s very tough, that she’s going to put herself on the line, to make sure her message to gets out to the voters,” said Susanna Mendoza, candidate for comptroller.

While leaving New York’s 9/11 ceremony yesterday, Clinton’s legs went wobbly, falling into the arms of a secret service agent while getting into her limo.

Supporters are understanding why she tried to power through.

“I personally would be loathe to miss the 9/11 commemorations and take a day off on a day that’s that important,” Democratic Senate candidate Tammy Duckworth said.

But Clinton’s team gave no explanation for 90 minutes…then said she had overheated.

Not until Sunday evening did the campaign reveal Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia. Then shortly after, Clinton tweeted from her Twitter account, thanking her supporters.

“The issue is about stealth and not health. And there is this notion that she is not as revealing as she should be,” said former Presidential adviser David Axlerod. “So the way this was handled was not right. It wasn’t handled well.”

Trump took the high road, expressing concern. “It was quite sad to be honest with you. and I hope she gets well soon. No satisfaction, believe me, whatsoever,” he said.

But what’s the prognosis for someone with pneumonia?

“A young otherwise healthy adult will often times feel well in one week,” said Dr. Jennifer Earvolino of Rush University Medical Center Internal Medicine. “But an older individual — someone over the age of 65 — it could take several weeks before they feel back to normal.”

Earvolino adds that anyone who has been diagnosed with pneumonia needs to get adequate rest and take care of themselves.

Still, Axlerod called the health controversy a warning.

“Efforts to circumvent the media at this point in the campaign are only going to exaserbate a problem that she already has,” Axlerod added.

Clinton says she now plans to release more medical information about herself this week.