CHICAGO (CBS) — It is a solemn ceremony: the name of a Chicago police officer who died in the line of duty was added to a memorial wall along the lakefront.

CBS 2’s Jim Williams reports from Star Park, where one officer is honored years after his death.

Chicago police officer Edward Jackson was shot in the line of duty nearly four decades ago. The ceremony this afternoon was a long time coming, and his family is grateful.

They added the 575th name to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation’s wall: Edward L. Jackson.

His daughter accepted an American flag that had flown over the Gold Star Park.

“I am very proud and I’m very thankful to the police department for thinking enough of my father to even put his name on the wall,” said Adrienne Hubbard, Officer Jackson’s daughter.

Officer Jackson was shot by an offender 39 years ago. He suffered brain damage and his police career was over. He died 13 years ago.

“He was a very jovial, kind loquacious, and the injury left him paralyzed, unable to communicate, but he didn’t ever give up.”

Though Officer Jackson died years after he was shot, the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation brought in a pathologist who determined his death was related to the shooting.